A company that you can trust: established over 10 years, and with thousands of satisfied customers, Smarter Homes take pride in the quality of our work and making sure we don't let you down.

Security: You don't want just anybody in you property: all Smarter Homes staff are full-time employees (we don't use part time or casual staff) who are fully insured and have been through our strict vetting & selection process.

Customer service: we tailor our cleaning plan and schedule to your own individual needs, supply all equipment and materials, and try to ensure that you always have the same cleaning team, so there's nothing at all for you to worry about.

Qualified staff: all Smarter Homes staff have completed our comprehensive training programme and we have an experienced supervisor on every job.

Results with value: we specialise only in residential homes, so we can offer an outstanding service at competitive rates.

We guarantee that if you are not completely satisfied, we'll do the job again free of charge.

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Carpet Cleaners who give Your Carpets and Upholstery the Most Thorough Clean.

Introducing a carpet cleaning process SO POWERFUL it removes trapped dirt and debris deep down to the very base of your carpet!

And that’s just the start….
You probably know that if your carpet is not regularly cleaned by professional carpet cleaners it can quickly be ruined with permanent stains, unsightly traffic lanes and irreversible discolouring. But there’s an even more urgent reason to ACT NOW. Unclean carpets expose your family to potentially harmful air pollutants and create an environment that heightens the chance of an asthma, eczema, rhinitis or allergic attack.

When you call Smarter Homes carpet and fabric cleaning your carpet will not only get that fresh smell, soft feel and clean look you’d expect from a carpet cleaner, but will receive a new deep five step cleaning process that solves these problems and ensures your carpet:

At Smarter Homes, we offer professional carpet cleaning services using a hot dual action water extraction process. Our technicians use the latest fast drying cleaning equipment, have many years experience, are fully insured and offer a fantastic level of customer service.

Coffee, wine, food, chewing gum, mud, urine and pet stains can be removed. We will attempt to eradicate all those engrained stains and bad odours leaving your home a much nicer, cleaner and healthier place. In fact, we’ll even remove deep down dirt you can’t see!


  • Carpets last much longer
  • Rapid drying times - using minimal water
  • Filters harmful air pollutants
  • We can move furniture (where applicable)*
  • Pre-treatment & Spot cleaning
  • Child & pet safe treatments
  • No use of harsh or toxic chemicals
  • Rids your carpet of allergy-inflaming proteins
  • Scotch guard & Hygiene protection available
*non-fragile furniture moveable by 2 x operatives e.g. sofas and coffee tables etc.

Our 5 step cleaning process

  1. Dry vacuum
  2. Target spot removal & Rinse
  3. Pre-spray, Agitation & Scrub
  4. Wet rinse
  5. Acid, Colour & Odour Neutralisation Finish

In addition to carpet cleaning, we can clean your rugs, mattresses, chairs, sofas and upholstery. We can also rid your carpets and furnishings of mites, bugs and make them 100% fire and stain resistant.